Double Barrel Necklace

Double Barrel Necklace



A simple pendant necklace formed of two cylindrical beads held in balance with a natural cotton cord binding.   The eggshell finish is created by hand forming the beads from polymer clay, which feel warm and smooth against the skin.

Chalky dark grey, warm pastel peach and speckled oatmeal are combined in this quietly composed necklace.



Polymer clay beads (6 x 3cm) on waxed cotton cord.   The polymer clay pieces are bound together with cotton cord (they are also glued for extra stability).   The necklace is 84cm long and the beads are designed to hang below the bust, however the length can be shortened by tying the knot further along the cord.

Polymer clay is a non-toxic material, made primarily of a type of plastic resin.   It will crack if put under excess pressure, and can be scratched by sharp objects so please bear this in mind when wearing this piece.

Each piece is handmade so there may be some small differences between the images and your necklace.    



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