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TENT London Focus, 01.06.15

IN/OUT Design Blog, 12.01.15


"Londoner Kate Trouw draws on her architectural background to create bespoke sculptural jewellery pieces. Formed from polymer clay they appear be-speckled and smooth, like exotic eggshells.

Chunky geometric forms in warm hues are bound together with simple waxed cotton cord. It’s this combination of the robust with the delicate that give ‘Bound’, ‘Circle’ and ‘Double Barrel’ necklaces such a beautiful equilibrium. Warm deep greys and soft whites are highlighted with hints of peach and butter, we especially love the yolky yellow bursts bookending the ‘Bound’ necklace.

Trouw’s ‘Spline’ collection feels like it would sit softly against your skin. Light and unassuming in materiality the pieces are a handsome study of composition and composure."



Sight Unseen, 13.12.14

"London designer Kate Trouw contacted us after seeing our recent post on the ’80s book Jewelry by Architects because, well, she’s also an architect who makes jewelry. “My pieces represent an exploration of some of the ideas I became interested in through my practice as an architect — pattern, form, control, and chance as observed on city surfaces and in natural materials,” she says. We particularly love her Sculpey necklaces."



25.11.14, Miss Moss



05.12.14, Second Floor Flat

"Favourite finds"



03.12.14, The Shiny Squirrel