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Kate Trouw

Continuing the theme of work created using techniques which create unrepeatable results, this week we have the Synthesis series created by artist Tom Price.   These pieces are created when resin (in the process of hardening) and tar (melted by the heat of the curing resin) mix.   Although the patterns created are random, a lot of work goes into fine tuning the conditions to achieve the desired outcome.   It's interesting that the artist describes the work as a collaboration with the material.

"The huge diversity of form and colour inside each piece means that there is always something new and fascinating to discover. One of the most compelling aspects for me is that so much of what happens inside is way beyond my control, giving me a sense of shared authorship with the material itself. This allows me to appreciate the work on a much more objective level."  (Excerpt from the Interview by Yellowtrace)

More on the series here, where you can also find the rest of the interview with the Tom Price.

 Image credits: Jaroslav Moravec via  Yellowtrace

Image credits: Jaroslav Moravec via Yellowtrace