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New Earrings

Kate Trouw

I've finally got some earrings up in the shop!   These have been in development for a while so it's great to have them finished and ready to go.

Sight Unseen shop

Kate Trouw

A little while back we developed a new brooch design and Bound Necklaces in two special colour combinations, for some pop-ups that Sight Unseen were doing in LA and NY.   That was exciting, because we +LOVE+ Sight Unseen!

Now, they have just revamped their website and we are pleased to be stocked in their online shop.   Check it out here.

Shared surfaces (2)

Kate Trouw

Part two of this ongoing series where I pretend spending hours on google earth is RESEARCH. Mongolia. 

Montenegro - Part 2

Kate Trouw

This is Part 2, see Part 1 here.

Here's some more photos of the Naval base as it was being decommissioned.   Mountains, mist, reflections, rust, submarines, ropes; I was lucky to be there at this moment when the site was being emptied, and before it became a shiny new tourist resort.

I have mixed feelings about the architectural project I worked on here.   Somehow a superyacht marina doesn't feel quite right for a site with such a rich history, however tourism is a significant part of the Montenegrin economy and a development of this size provides many jobs.   

Scroll to the end for a couple of racy bonus pics.

It will bug me forever that I didn't get a good photo of the nudeys in the crane cabin, but after climbing all the way up there the smell was a bit too overpowering to stay for long!

Shared surfaces (1)

Kate Trouw

I can't be the first person to blog about google earth.  But I am spending hours at a time panning around the surface of the world, captivated by colours and patterns, and thinking about how much of it is natural (what is 'natural' anyway?) and how much is influenced by human behaviour.

So, in order to pretend that this is actually time well spent, I'm going to do a series of blog posts.   I'm starting with the Aral Sea, which straddles the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.