We make elegant and playful jewellery for every day wear.  

Inspired by city shapes and surfaces we hand-make pieces using quiet geometric shapes and soft colours to create relaxed, sculptural works which can be worn every day.   Our work is primarily made from polymer clay which is shaped by hand and then baked in the oven.   This creates a warm, tactile material with a smooth eggshell finish which is soft against your skin.

Kate Trouw is an architect turned jewellery designer/maker living in Fife, Scotland with her son and two cats.   She studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has spent time living and working in the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia and the US.



We are pleased to announce that from January 2015 we will be donating a (small) percentage from every sale on our website to a charity called the Ann Conroy Trust.   This is a small UK based charity which supports people who have two relatively rare neurological conditions called Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia.   They also work to raise awareness in the medical community, and fund research into why people have these conditions, which is still unclear. 

You can visit their website if you would like to know more: